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Rock, Paper, Scissors…and a pencil

Friday is Creative Bone Day
I’m not going to just hide behind my blog every week and talk to amazing creative people about their passions, (Although that does sound tempting.) No, I intend to give everything a go, because this blog is about getting non perfect people off their derrières and just trying something. Also, because we are a very select bunch in the life of Writey community, I want to try to make things as easy for you as I can, low tech, low cost, and high satisfaction. Now next time I might even give you a video, (if I can figure out how to turn the camera on) but today have a look at my tutorial on this cute pencil design, which was inspired by….this.

Choc Chip Cheerful
Yes, Its a cookie, but look closely, its a smiling cookie. What better inspiration than a smiling biscuit. First you will need a rock. You can retrieve one from your neighbours water feature if you hate them, but if you want to remain friends, I would advise buying a bag of unpolished river stones, or if you’re broke just having a nice walk with the dog and seeing if you can spot one.

This is what you will absolutely need. In addition you can use nail polish, a red sharpie, or paint for the love heart, If you want some extra pizazz. I had some 20 year old gold leaf hanging around from a project, so I used that.(hoarder that I am.)

The shape of you
I have used a heart shape here for the face, because I like hearts but other shapes like, an oval or circle are also good. and a teardrop shape for the hand. It doesnt have to be where mine are, I just found a nice flat area.

Make your Mark
The first job is to put an eyebrow line and an eyelash line coming in from the side in roughly the same area. Be brave, No faces have to be exactly the same that’s the beauty of it. Its pencil, you can stuff up as much as you want. Don’t forget to put three diagonal lines on the hand to indicate fingers, you can put in a thumb if you like, but you don’t really need it. (well from an evolutionary stand point you do, but hey whose counting)

Contour Baby
Now add a small horizontal line for the nose, quite feint and blend over the lines you’ve drawn like Kim Kardashian before a red carpet event and…. again. Blend, baby blend.

Get Highbrow
Now sharpen up that pencil to a fine point and nail some eyelashes and eyebrows on that baby. Remember eyelashes are thicker on the outside, eyebrows thicker on the inside. You knew that. Now once you have tamed those suckers, its time to find some inspiration for the body of the rock, outside of the face.

Life by Design
As it happens I do not have to move my arse out of the duvet because….look my duvet! Perfect lazy person result.

Getting Fancy
Im just kind of doodling a bit here and not stressing out about things, its only pencil, so rubs off really easily. When its finished I could just leave it like that, seal and finish it with lacquer, but I want to highlight the little heart. As I have some gold leaf I am going to use that.

Rocking it
All in all, a pretty nice looking rock that I hope someone would like to find. All that remains is to put my Ellenbrook rocks group FB tag on the back and hide it. This is an ideal little project for when you are stuck somewhere without paints and just have to rock. Its pretty basic to achieve and I hope you like the results. I plan to put some different techniques on my blog soon, so check out my blog www.thelifeofwritey or my fb page from time to time. Even the lazy arse cat approves.

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7 thoughts on “Rock, Paper, Scissors…and a pencil

      1. Wonder if Life would use an octal system to count if suddenly we all lost our thumbs? All the wizened 98 year-olds would be promoted to 142.

        I was just being picky on the ‘whose’ 😉

        Recovering Grammar Nazi. I should spend more time playing with rocks and less time agonising over apostrophes and stuff.

        1. I like your thinking, you’re onto something there, I’m sure. I’m pretty sure an outbreak of ‘prehensile digital erosion’ would lead to some pretty wild and exciting adaptations in our society, jam jars would be the first to go, they’re pretty impossible without thumbs.
          You’re allowed to agonize over apostrophes too. We will always need correct grammar, (well, while ever we have to help uncle Jack, off a horse.) Just remember to doodle on rocks too.Here, have some correctly placed apostrophes as a peace offering.

      1. Yes! Definitely in! A few nights ago I noticed a Vegemite lid had been turned into a pet rock hot tub (with the water carefully below mouth height- so they could breath). Eldest turned to youngest and asked if he could make sure they were washed well while he was away, including their hair… Considering I was also asked by the eldest last night to please move to the left of where I was standing so his pet rocks could also enjoy the Tv show. I think it’s pretty safe to say they will be well loved here ❤️❤️

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