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When the donut of life swings by-bite it.

Welcome to life a little up side down
The ‘life of Riley’ is defined in the dictionary as ‘a luxurious, happy and carefree existence.’ Here in Perth, Australia its also called ‘living the dream.’
The life of Writey, my life, is similar but without luxury and a large serving of crazy on the side. I’m a writer, artist, mother, idea monger, home schooler and a passionate believer that all of us have a creative bone somewhere under our muffin tops we could use. Your are safe here in my messy house I have nothing I want to sell you,except the idea that you are enough, right now. So make yourself comfortable and drop in for a cuppa

  • Whether you just visit to laugh at my epic life fails on Monday in my ‘slug life’ column.
  • Catch the featured bite size inspirational videos on Tuesdays
  • Or Join us on Fridays for ‘Creative bones’ where we talk to people who found there passion, explore
    different way to get creative,and show you how to do it.

    If there is something you would like to see here, something creative you want to share, something your curious about or somebody that needs to be celebrated for their creative efforts please drop me an email in the contact us page.

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